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G.S. Rakovski
Book ID NBC773
ISBN No. 81-85119-28-7
Book Name G.S. Rakovski
Book sub-title A Great Son of Bulgaria & A Great Friend of India
Author/s name/s : Mukerjee G. , Veselin Traikov
Publisher Name Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year 1987
Book Price (Printed) INR 60   
Book Price (Our Price) INR 54   
Book Size 22 × 14 cms.
Book Page viii + 166

   Post Review
Book Summary

A biographical sketch of Georgi Stoikov Rakovski who is widely known in Bulgaria as the founder of the organized Bulgarian National Liberation Movement. His activity is closely connected with the whole new stage in the history of the Bulgarian National Revival. This passionate and ardent revolutionary was a versatile personality; a poet, Downalist, historian, ethnographer, numismatist, diplomat, student of folklore, linguist. In addition to this, his efforts to establish unity and understanding among the Balkan nations made him one of the most outstanding politicians of the Balkans in the middle of the 19th century.

Rakovski was the first in Europe to create a consciousness about Hindustan. Eversince 1857, the fountainhead of Indian studies in Eastern Europe he did significant work in Sanskrit literature, philosophy and folklore, ethnography and numismatics. A glowing tribute to Rakovski, the work explores what he left behind. A detailed study of his single-handed contribution in the field of Indology that can be a matter of pride for any cultural centre.

This book is a biographical sketch of Georgi Stoikov Rakovski who firmly believed that the source of all the civilizations of the world is India. Though brought up in the tradition of Hellenic culture, he was drawn to the culture and literature of India. He translated a part of the Ramayana. It was as early as 1857 that he published in his newspaper a series of reports about the struggle of the Indian people, about their resistance to the oppresser. It’s as far back as 130 years he wrote in his paper “India must belong to the people of India and not to England, sooner or later, this must be so”.

This book pays a glowing tribute to Rakovski and explores in detail his single handed contribution in the field of Indology and Balkan studies. It can be a matter of pride and research for any centre of Indology and Balkan studies.

Book Reviews
Reviewed On:Saturday, February 13, 2010

“Georgi Stoikov Rakovski was born in April 1821 in Kotel in a family of old revolutionary traditions and a spirit of independence. It was as early as 1857 that he published a series of reports about the struggles of the Indian people and their resistance to the British Oppressors. He wrote in his paper regarding the struggle of 1857, “India must be free” and “India must belong to the people of India and not to England.” Although he was brought up in the traditions of Hellenic Culture, he was drawn to the culture and literature of India. He translated a part of the Ramayana. Indeed, in the history of Indo-Bulgarian relations, the name of Georgi Stoikov Rakovski towers over all as one of the greatest friends of India. Indian antiquity, Indian culture and the people of India.’’

Reviewed By : Patriot, November 1, 1987, New Delhio prescription
Reviewed On:Saturday, February 13, 2010
This is a holy and precious book and I shall read it with great interest “this precious book will have a place of honour in our libarary.....” Devika Rani, Bangalore. “I would like to assure you that the book is very interesting and useful and its publication will strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Bulgarian People”.
Reviewed By : L. Darkim, Charge of Affairs a.i., Embassy of India, >buy cialis
Reviewed On:Saturday, February 13, 2010
A book like this jointly authored by Veselin Traikov and G. Mukerjee, the noted Indian Scholar on Eastern Europe, is particularly welcome because it portrays objectively the life of Georgi Stoikov Rakovski, an extraordinary revolutionary who defied all resistance from the weilders of political power. It also describes important aspects of his ideas and ideals with which India came to be related quite deeply. “... Rakovski’s researches were remarkable and one hopes there will be no dearth of scholars in this country to start again from where Rakovski left”.