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Semantics & Phenomenology of I
Book ID NBC1457
ISBN No. 81-7211-304-8
Book Name Semantics & Phenomenology of I
Author/s name/s : Bagchi Kalyankumar
Publisher Name Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year 2012
Book Price (Printed) INR 300  USD 30 GBP 15
Book Price (Our Price) INR 270  USD 27 GBP 13
Book Size 14 x 22 cm
Book Page xvi + 60 = 76
Book Weight 250 gm

   Post Review
Book Summary

The book addresses itself to the question 'does one's expression of self-consciousness consist in using language with meaning? or 'does one phenomenalize the use of I in expressing one's self-consciousness? How would such phenomenalizing give a common space to the speaker of I and his hearer?' Again, 'does one 'ascribe' – a la Strawson self-consciousness to one self?' To all these questions, the book tries to find out answers from the point of view of Professor K.C. Bhattacharyya's Philosophy of the Subject. The probable answers of these questions may be useful not only for the philosophers, but intellectuals belonging to the field of literature, religion and other social sciences.

Book Content

Chapter  I    An Aching Void: Kant’s Transcendental Problemmatic and the Peril to Freedom

  • Kant’s Problemmatic – to be solved or dissolved?
  • Attempts to Dissolve the Problemmatic
  • But then what is the way to the dissolution of the problemmatic?
  • Failure of the attempts : the Problemmatic embedded in Man’s Autonomy and Encounter with an Alien World
  • The Problemmatic and the Wonder about Knowledge – Kant and Bhattacharyya
  • Settling scores with the Wonder – Kant’s Copernican Revolution ?
  • It was but Concept
  • The Demand to actualise the Subject of Knowledge
  • Any Experienced objective Subject ? – ®Sankara and Bhattacharyya
  • Notes & References

Chapter II   A Paradigm Shift

  • Bhattacharyya’s Dissolution of the Kantian Problcmmatic – The ‘Subject as Freedom’ as the new horizon of discourse
  • Self-symbolising of Freedom – Contrast with Husserl’s Phenomenology
  • Need for a distinct Semantics of the Subject
  • Kant’s failure to pinpoint the semantics. Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. Epistemology as the cult of the Subject
  • The Semantics of the Subject
  • The use of ‘I’ and the meaning of ‘I’
  • The Structure of the Semantics
  •  Bhattacharyya and Nyaya-Vaisesika Word-Realism. Kant’s
  • Transcendental Idealism and Bhattacharyya’s Spiritual Psychology
  • ‘I’ as used an ego-centric word ? – The Subject’s proclamation of freedom : a new discourse-dimension
  •  The Self-symbolising of Freedom
  • Notes & References

Chapter III    Founding the Semantics of I Some Comparisons and Contrasts

  • References
  • Notes

Chapter IV    Grades of Disclosure in the Phenomenology of the Subject

  • The Subject as Self-symboliser
  • Body
  • Body, Space Position and ‘Felt’ Space
  • Absence as what the subject is detached from
  • Image
  • Thought
  • (a) Feeling
  • (b) ‘Feeling’ and ‘Introspection’
  • (a)  Introspective Free Function and the Subject as Freedom
  • (b) The contrasts
  • (c)  Method or Methodology ?
  •  (d) In the Ultimate Reckoning: A Self-transcending Phenomenology
  • Notes and References


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