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The Happy Marriage Mantra
Book ID NBC1035
ISBN No. 81-7211-288-2
Book Name The Happy Marriage Mantra
Author/s name/s : Maheshwari Geeta
Publisher Name Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year 2010
Book Price (Printed) INR 500   
Book Price (Our Price) INR 450   
Book Size 18 x 12 cms.
Book Page xxvi +110
Book Weight 370 gms

   Post Review
Book Summary

The institution of marriage is crumbling. Couples are finding it increasingly difficult to constructively handle the challenges it presents. They enter into marriage thinking it is a cakewalk and soon enough, get disillusioned. It requires some real thinking to understand what goes wrong and where.

When a marriage fails, everyone bears the brunt. It is not only the couple whose marriage has failed, but their families, the society and the world in general is at the receiving end of the bitter consequences. I feel that most problems in the world today are because of an unhappy marriage somewhere –
Reason enough to write this book!

Happiness in marriage is not something you will get on a platter. You should be willing to work on your marriage and invest your time and effort in it to make it happy. The Happy Marriage Mantra helps you understand the meaning of marriage and gives practical tips on how to make it happy.

Don’t opt for a suboptimal marriage or a divorce. Work on your marriage. It is the most important relationship of your life, and if you get it right, it becomes the most rewarding too. Wishing you good luck and happiness in your marriage, Always!

Waiting for your feedback:



Marriage is a formal union of two people by which they become husband and wife. This dictionary definition of marriage sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Almost everyone has been or will go through this experience sometime, so why make a big deal out of it?

But Marriage is big deal. Despite discouraging statistics, people continue to marry and remarry hoping to get it right one last time. This only goes to show that the institution of marriage is very much here to stay, may be as long as the human race itself. So why ignore it? Why wait for a marriage to fall apart and only then do something about it? Why not prevent the damage?

The Happy Marriage Manta is the need of the hour. It gives simple, practical and common sense tips for making a marriage happy. The chapters are concise and make easy reading. This book will help individuals who decide to undertake the journey of marriage to:




  • know the meaning of marriage
  • take responsibility for creating happiness in their marriage
  • prepare for marriage work
  • understand what should and shouldn't be done in marriage, so that it is happy
  • bust the myths and get real
  • be happy and happily married
Book Content

What is Marriage ?

Stages of Marriage

A to Z of Happy Marriage

      1.   Accept Your Partner ...

      2.   Believe in Your Partner’s Capabilities ...

      3.   Communication ...

      4.   Day Off Now and Then ...

      5.   Emotional Intimacy and Self-Esteem ...

      6.   Fight Fair ...

      7.   God and Spirituality ...

      8.   Household Chores ...

      9.   Intimacy and Sex ...

    10.   Joint Decisions ...

    11.   Kindness and Affection ...

    12.   Laugh Together ...

    13.   Mind Your Language ...

    14.   No Nagging ...

    15.   Optimistic Attitude ...

    16.   Patience ...

    17.   Quality Time ...

    18.   Respect Each Other ...

    19.   Sincerity ...

    20.   Trust One Another ...

    21.   Understanding ...

    22.   Validation ...

    23.   Willingness to Forgive ...

    24.   X-Factor ...

    25.   Youthfulness…

    26.   Zest and Zeal ...

    27.    Marriage Myths ...

    28.    10 Commandments of Marriage ...


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